Sometimes Wednesday should be treated like Monday; Others times, a Sunday. Or dare I say, Saturday.

I believe that someday soon, we’ll decide how we treat Wednesday.

Before sharing this with you, I kept Wednesday to myself.

But I realized that by putting my name on a dot-com, I owe you some secrets.

For most of us working in a digital world, Wednesday is no stranger to you. You just haven’t been able to articulate it yet.

Our challenge is pace. And on the low, I’ve observed that Wednesday is already pretty well regulated on its own. Perhaps more people are on to this than I thought.

If you’re doubting me and want to get experimental, here is the control:

I shared a quick convo with a friend who is a senior producer for New Jersey’s largest media organization. He’s in his forties, maybe fifties.

“The meter is always running,” he said.

I listened to a friend who manages a mini-golf course/restaurant for an entrepreneur. He’s clocking in at 30 later this year.

“The day doesn’t stop when I lock up at night.”

I riffed with a friend who is at her second job in as many years at an advertising agency in New York City. You guessed it: mid-twenties.

“I get home and I’m still connected. It’s hardly off,” she said.

When they talk about the meter, when they talk about a more extended, connected day – I hear this:

  • “I found myself checking my phone at my kid’s soccer game on Saturday morning.”
  • “I went to family BBQ on Sunday with this client meeting looming over me on Monday.”
  • “My boss sends emails even after I worked a 12-hour day.”

So again: What about Wednesday? Shouldn’t we be able to decide?

(Hold on, I have to make this post social media friendly. If you got this far and want to share, please use #workingforwednesday when you do).

Today's goal: Work in 'KanJam' into post about Wednesday.

I don’t know these people. But I needed a way to work KanJam into my post about Wednesday.

If you have PTO, give Wednesday a try. Then make it two. But spread them out. I’m not talking about a last minute, “Oh look its a beach day,” type-of-Wednesday. (But if you do, please note that I could use a few partners for KanJam).

Put nothing but Wednesdays on a dart board and throw. Pick that Wednesday.

If you’re reading this from the West, you may already have this down. See us east coasters ‘go too hard’ on Thursday nights in anticipation of ‘Summer Fridays’. But you guys got it right with ‘Taco Tuesday.’

How do I spend Wednesday?

Sometimes I sleep in. Sometimes I run errands. Sometimes I do things like go to the post office or DMV because even when I try to conform to the nine-to-five workday, government office hours are impossible to access.

On Wednesday, we podcast. (Sometimes).

On Wednesday, we podcast. (Sometimes).

Sometimes I drink coffee twice before 9am and record a podcast with Mike Walter – a fellow entrepreneur in similar industries. It’s a great brain exercise.

Speaking of which, sometimes Wednesday means spending a little more time at the gym.

Sometimes I meet with clients at my office but I make sure those meetings happen in the early evening. Sometimes I get on the road and visit a client at their office for lunch. Sometimes Wednesday is #datenight with my girlfriend – It’s a perfect way to either remain relaxed or regroup together.

Sometimes Wednesday equals house project. If you start one during the week, you don’t have to complain that you “spent your entire weekend building, fixing, cleaning, X.”

That is unless you start treating Wednesday like a weekend.

Sometimes it’s none of the above. Sometimes Wednesday is as simple as going to work, business as usual – a charge through projects that spilled over from last week or ‘kicked off’ on a Monday.

That brings me to another point: Wednesday is a great day for deliverables. If you’re knee deep in a project, wouldn’t you rather get something shipped off to a client on a Wednesday than a Friday or even Monday?

They’ll spend the day reviewing, processing and generating feedback. You get the day, period.

If you need to push something over the finish line, you can ‘max out’ your Thursday with ease.

And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, Wednesday is the perfect day to order an item you want delivered before the traditional weekend.

Sure, I can dictate my work week a little more freely than others. But the truth is, not as nearly as much as you think.

I study my calendar a few weeks in advance. It helps me adhere to a Wednesday schedule. And I try to stick to it as religiously as possible.

But remember, sometimes Wednesday is like Monday. You can’t force it.

And no matter what, I check in on email.

If I know I “have a Wednesday,” coming up, I get through as many tasks on Tuesday night as possible.

That’s why some of you reading this received messages from me last night. I knew you’d most likely respond this morning. That gives me time to read, process and decide how to treat today. For those people who didn’t respond, perhaps we’re already on the same page.

The traditional work week challenges most of us. We sacrifice our sanity for 52 Saturdays and Sundays.

But what about Wednesday? What would you do to try it out?

See you next week,